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Updated 09/12/09    
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I've been silent for many, many weeks because I gave information of grave importance and it was received with general indifference and didn't matter anyway.  For those who read even the basic SML booklet you will understand pretty much what is going on in your country.  The most powerful thing was the updates.  My whole agenda is not to oppose anything since it will work out as it has been planned no matter who does what.  There are plenty of sites that supposedly give many rabbit trails if you wish to chase information that will not help you to survive.  All anyone can do is be prepared to survive any kind of disaster and have basic needs on hand.  Just use your brain while stores are open and be ready for whatever happens.  My interest is only how families can survive any kind of problem or disaster but mainly we are searching for those few people who have received a spirit baptism... if you've had one you know something different has happened to you and you are isolated from this world and your focus is on letting the
nations do as they will and you are looking to the heavens for your answer.

Let me explain further.  There are events coming on this earth you have no ability to stop or modify.  It will happen and the horrors have been brought on us by our own actions of giving power of our lives over to the Government, our employer, Sports addictions, the Banks, the Churches, the social structure and on and on.  We have not lived our own lives but danced
to the tune played by a system designed to control us.  It' becomes nearly impossible to find anyone with an independent thought that hasn't been implanted by the structure we live in.  We all have the ability to over-ride it and ask hard questions about real life and our purpose for being here uncluttered by the massive influence of the worst controller...NATIONALISM!

We are seeking the few people who have looked through the veil and are lost and wondering what is going on behind all the false orientations and have wondered about the true nature and intent of a creator God.  Clearly, all the so-called religions of the world fall critically short of the complete and true purpose of the sick and cruel agendas being put on all the people of our planet.  The explanations and true purpose of man is a beautiful and loving and many do their best at understanding it but are hampered by traditional "doctrines" that when examined deny a reality that GOD "IS" LOVE.  The prime example is the gross misrepresentation that the power that spun the universe and made things that have "life"... man being the crowning
achievement... would be so cruel as to burn a person in an unbelievable torment for breaking laws for the few pitiful years we have a life.  This teaching is the most significant example of pure "hate" imaginable.  I've seen people die from burning so I personally have a greater moral posture than the perceived God of the Christian faith since I would chose to give my own life rather than send anyone into that torment for two minutes and yet this God of love will do it forever???  This is just one example of the scam job imposed on us from all the factions I listed above.  We're puppets on a string.

Again, I am looking for those who feel alone and isolated since their gut tells them the whole system we are enslaved to is corrupt but somewhere a real truth exists.  Are you one of those who have frustrated love and have not found anyone with a similar feeling in "ALL" issues.  There are not many who have grown enough to strip themselves from all the influences I spoke ofabove.  When you do you'll find knowledge and I am  looking for those few who have.  If you have stripped off the contamination of the sick influence of the world and are standing vacant and alone wondering where the true God is then email me, please.  We might have something to talk about.

Peace and love


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